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Shock to Coating System! What is the best coating system for smart phones? What should you think as criteria for selection? We would like to answer the question.

Energy cost
[Energy cost/Systematization] Is it possible to reduce total energy cost by that system?

It should be a coating system to consider energy cost totally and in a good balance.

Coating system to consider energy cost

It is important whether energy issue is considered or not. For example, you increase the number of guns in order to improve the volume efficiency. Naturally you have to enhance the booth width. It is necessary to install a bigger exhaust fan for the bigger booth at the same time. If it is in a clean room, you have to check about air-supply volume in the room. Even air is related to money. That will be an important energy cost item. DRAGON LINE, the conveyor line with accumulation mechanism, is the solution method, with which you could improve the volume efficiency and could also save the energy cost. It is able to improve volume efficiency without any increase of the booth size. Mutual affecting of every peripheral factors including coating material control, condition setting of spray gun, volume efficiency by robot, compact booth by the conveyor line, could reduce energy cost. In other words, the most important thing is a total systematization.

Comparison of air- volume for both supply and exhaust in the booth

Comparison of booth width
Comparison of booth width

Efficient conveyor lineVideo

Efficient conveyor line

Dragon Line